Our mission is to build community one heart at a time with CELove™ products.

CELove™ creates and makes the best yoga and meditation products available with intention, purpose and a lot of love. CELove is a heartfelt inspired company that creates beautiful products that support numerous charities. Each CELove product is CUT and SEWN by hand from individuals and organizations. The good Samaritans are healing their own hearts from cancer, dementia, aging, heart disease, mental illness, loneliness and so on. With each cushion sold, proceeds are gifted to other charities and individuals on the receiving end. It’s a win…win situation for everyone!

A “PAY it FORWARD” concept company.

CELove heart cushions represent our individual uniqueness and how you use it is up to you. Our lives are an endless journey. Thank you for letting us be a part of it.

Introducing CELove’s New Owner Jennifer De Feo

My first encounter with CELove was in a teacher training in early Spring 2016. A classmate brought in her heart meditation cushion, and I remember admiring it. Four months later at YogaFest Hamilton in Gage Park, I found the CELove both and met Elizabethe. We immediately clicked, and I purchased her cushions for my yoga studio. They have been very popular amongst the yogis. Six months later, in March 2017, Elizabethe revealed to me she was selling her business. I immediately said YES! I was terrified. One year to the month I was introduced to CELove cushions I took over as the new owner, and I put all the pieces of our encounters together. It was a very scary step for me financially and personally. My thought was, what if I fail? What if I run this business into the ground? What if I mess up? I don’t want to disappoint Elizabethe, and all of her hard work. But along with my ego and self-doubt, my heart still sang! I knew then and I know now, that this is my calling, my journey, and every part of her business aligns with mine. We both wanted to help others and make a positive impact in our communities. These products were channeled from pure love and light, and that is the only way I will be carrying them forward. I am absolutely thrilled to have been chosen by Elizabethe to carry on her mission, our mission and continue to inspire and promote healing every day in every way! I look forward to connecting with everyone within this community and continue to build awareness about our mission, products, and healing throughout the world! Thank you xo

About Jenn

Jenn was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario. From a young age, she knew she was different from others, a sensitive soul on a mission. While living in British Columbia Jennifer started her journey to self-discovery through yoga. She was very skeptical at first but very quickly realized this beautiful practice resonated so deeply she had to explore. In 2015 she completed her 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training and opened her own yoga studio on the Hamilton Mountain and has been teaching within her community, sharing this very special practice. She has recently become the new owner of CELove, a healing based company that provides heart shaped meditation cushions and yoga/healing products for all. Jennifer feels truly blessed to have lived out her dreams and passions and continues to share with others near and far.