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New year..New beginnings

New year…new beginnings. As we say goodbye to 2017 and set our sites on 2018, we are filled with hope and promise to make this year better.. Ganesha the elephant for removing obstacles is available in an array of products. Feel supported with each one.   Set your intention..Believe you can achieve anything. Most of all […]

Holidays are STRESSFUL!!

Holidays are stressful! There’s no two ways about it – the holiday season can bring on physical, mental and emotional tension and leave a body in knots. Why not use a CELove heart cushion to support you at this festive time.  A recent 5 year study from Harvard by “John Denniger” has shown that even a one time try of meditation, repetitive […]

Are you ready for change?

Are you ready for change? The summer is a great time to relax,soak in some sunshine and spend time with our children,families and friends.Maybe even a barbecue or too. As we come to the last week of August, we are faced with changes. Kids will be going back to school,the weather is changing and we will be getting […]