CELove™ cushions are an excellent centre for your focus and can be used in many different ways to create peace in your fast paced lives.

Our cushions came to be through a story which carries the energy of love. This story has been carried forward through the lives of others as they have used the cushions to:
       ❤  meditate with
 ❤  sleep with
❤ travel with
❤ wedding ceremonies
❤ for dogs
❤ for breastfeeding
❤ to sit on
❤ sacred tea ceremonies
Where our story started, your story begins, please share your story of how your CELove cushion has enhanced the love in your life.

Hi  Elizabethe …

I’m forwarding the note Jacob’s grandmother sent me today.

I took the pillow to her on Saturday …she delivered it to Jacob on Sunday.

Spent last Thursday and Friday with Jacob’s grandma …they were THRILLED with the pillow!!

Unfortunately by the time Jacob got the pillow his body was sore to the touch …

he tried to hug the pillow … even tried it between his legs … both too painful for him


they managed to tuck it under his back somehow and he felt relief!

He said he could feel good energy … and a great deal of comfort  …

sadly by then the family, including Jacob, knew the end was near.

Nevertheless he got to experience IT ……….

At the moment they’re trying to decide what to do with it.

Jacob’s mom is pregnant again (BIG surprise!) …

The pillow may become a part of that journey.

They discovered the pregnancy just before Jacob died …

he was VERY excited! …

I’ll let you know the saga …. of the travelling pillow.

It ‘worked’ for Jacob ………….

they ALL loved it …

I know wherever it goes next it will ‘work’ again!

Brilliant idea! ……..

You’ve obvioulsy been blessed with patience!!



My friend Jane took one of the pillows as a gift to a person she knows who is seriously ill.  Her friend had asked her to come and give her an Oneness Blessing.   Jane said she gave the lady the pillow ( which she loved – it is her favorite colour) and then she proceeded to give her the blessing.   Just before she started the session Jane turned her ipod on and her normal play list started up, after a few songs a new song and chant come on, which Jane didn’t know but she thought were beautiful.   When she got home she check her ipod out and there was no new music /chants on it….nor has she heard the music /chants again…  needless to say Jane was amazed. with the power of the Oneness Blessing and the Pillow together.      It is a wonder…

Good night my friends

Mary Lou

Hi Elizabeth, I purchase your pink CELOVE cushion That day you took a picture of me and my friend Catherine and you were suppose send. On that picture my friend Catherine was touched by the light. Is it possible for you to send me this picture by mail. The fact is that my friend Catherine is at the hospital for 5 weeks to receive leukemia treatments and I am sure that this picture of her in the light will give her the power to go through her situation. Thank you from my heart!

Hi Elizabethe,

So sorry for the lost of your father. I am sure he will help from the other side. And don’t worry, If i can help for CELove, I will. The synchronism in our life is sometime so amazing. In fact, thank you so much for the picture. It’s in a frame already. I can’t visit Catherine the visits are not allowed till maybe thursday. There’s is a “bacteria” in the hospital. And Catherine’s immunity system is so weak. I had her over the phone yesterday and she thank you for your concern and for your blessings. She’s accepting and allowing her condition as a purifying step and she is in peace with it. She said that nurses and doctors treat her as a queen. She feels love of everyone and has accepted it. Her stay in the hospital supposed to be 5 weeks.

Many thanks again from my heart. Love, Peace and Light

Jacqueline 🙂


Hi Elizabethe,


First, let me thank you for sending Jacqueline the picture you took at the Salon. It is now displayed in my hospital room. It’s a wonderful picture, gorgeous with light.

I am well and cancer free. I still am in the hospital for my immunity is too low because of the chemo treatments.  But I should be out of here in a matter of days. The rest of the healing will happen through time. I will rest at home for a few months and will be supervised by my doctor.

As for the cushion, Jacqueline has it and I am not allowed such objects in my hospital room while my immunity is too low. But with that being said, I may get to experience with it in the near future because I am getting better and better.  I recall feeling mother like energies oozing from the cushion: love, a comforting presence wrapped around me like a blanket, warmth,  a quiet peace and subtle healing powers.

Hoping you are well,



Hi Elizabethe,

I want to let you know that my friend Catherine passed away on Wednesday January 28th.  I miss her so much. Now I have to take care of myself… I don’t know if our road will cross again but I am grateful and I thank you.

I wish you all the success and the best you deserve for Celove.

Take care!

Jacqueline xxx 


What a lovely story.  Clara Hughes would be honoured I am sure.  You can send one to my attention and I will give it to Clara at the end of her ride. Clara Hughes has just left ontario and isn’t back through until June. Colour? I am sure something bright! We did receive it thank you! I have it in one of the care packages we are going to send to Clara after the ride.  Thank you again for your support.Thank you,



I just wanted to thank you.  I bought a meditation pillow from Shelley.  I had my eyes on the same pillow for weeks.  I meditate daily … and more often than ever.  I’m going through healing through the dis-ease called Cancer.  The pillow was still there last time I was in, so I bought it.  I love it.  When I’m meditating under the trees on Sunnybrook grounds, the pillow is a welcome, calming comfort!  🙂 Thank you for the gift you are sharing through your sister. Blessings, Jill


Good to hear from you Elizabethe!

It was great to meet you. I am leaning on my cushion as I type this.  I really love both cushions. I am sleeping on the large one as my pillow and I will be taking the small one out with me to parks etc. and use it to lie on. It’s so comfortable! God will always send the right people to you in His right time. You have blessed me with these cushions and I am blessing you with love and prosperity. If you believe it, it will happen!  

Hi Elizabeth,

Here is my testimony: I bought a small heart shaped cushion from Elizabethe, simply to have a yoga cushion, but it turned out to be so much more. After having used it all day at an event, I went home and used it as a pillow as I had not had a proper night’s sleep in years.  I simply could not find a pillow to cradle my neck properly, but this heart cushion did so perfectly!  It was such a joy and relief to be able to sleep through the night uninterrupted by neck discomfort.

I returned to Elizabethe’s booth the next day and purchased the bigger cushion to use as my proper pillow from now on.

The amazing thing for me was also allowing the cushions to pick me.  I simply stared at all of the ones she had on display and both times I must say that each cushion picked me from their patterns.  They represent who I really am and I love using them every single day where ever I go. I know we will meet again soon


Hi Yes, married life is wonderful.  I can’t recall if there were any taken of my mom sitting on Elizabeth’s pillow. Ryan and I got one photo taken with Ryan’s iPhone after the Hindu ceremony. Hopefully, this will suffice… Thanks, Remona


Hey ..not only did I locate the pillows….I relocated them to my upstairs yoga retreat room in the attic…used them as meditation pillows while I did Yoga on the floor late last night….then relocated them again to my loungers in the attic where I slept on them for the first half of my night before going to bed….so…we are well acquainted…those meditation pillows and me…love LOVE them!!! Your Thoughtful gifts are already hard at work…bringing much comfort

Hello Elizabethe,

I just received one of your beautiful meditation cushions that you gave to my friend Cathy, and I wanted to thank you and tell you how grateful I was to receive it at this time in my life!  I wish you every success as you continue to make a positive impact on peoples’ lives!

Keep celebrating life!


Hi Elizabethe –

thank you for your reply. I am starting a yoga house call company and many of my clients are completely new to yoga. Some are starting yoga for the first time in the their late 50s and early 60s so comfort is essential. Many of them have never sat cross legged on the floor!

I will be speaking to some of my students this Saturday and would love to have some information to offer them. I admire your company and the reason behind it. In fact, you were instrumental in me getting my first aid certification including using a defibrillator!

Hope this helps.

thanks with blessings,


Hi Elizabethe,

I learned about your mediation cushions this week while taking a Kundalini yoga class. The instructor had one and said a friend of hers made it. A touching story indeed.  You show others what strength, flexibility and love can do.

Kind Regards,


Hi Elizabethe,

I saw information through a friend who was at the conference this past weekend.  Like your story, I lost my mom to a massive heart attack this past September.  Not a day goes by that I miss her and I was wondering how much your pillows cost?  My son who is 6 was very close to her (as was I) and I would be interested in knowing more about your product.  Thank  you for your time.  Neither of us practice yoga but the pillow I feel may be just what my son needs when he misses his “nana”



Hi Elizabeth,

Thanks for reaching out. I very much look forward to the event and find your mission deeply “heartening.”


Jill Miller

Yoga tune up

Beloved Elizabeth,  all love and blessings,

It was a joy to meet you also,  I am now at home in Mexico and sat on the blessed pillow this morning for meditation,  I thought of you and your sister and the great service you are doing.in joy and love, Nischaladevi

Hello Elizabethe – What a wonderful way to honour your sister. I would be more than happy to use one of your cushions during my workshop.  I will stop by your booth at the Conference. All the best, Tama
Esther Myers Yoga Studio

I was going to take my meditation pillow with me, because each day  we are presented to John of God and then sit in meditation with him.  I will be driving  on my way to Omega and back again, if you would like to send a pillow with me.  I don’t think John of God or his people would take a pillow home with them to Brazil, but  I would certainly take one and see if he will bless it or at least have it in his presense/ energy.   I might even pick up a new pillow for myself to take with, my own John of God pillow.


Mary Lou

I had an interesting and fun experience at John of God.  I met several inspiring people – severely ill and struggling to be there, but full of hope of being cured.   Also met several people who said they had been cured – brain tumor, blindness, depression, “complete change in their spiritual outlook”.  I met Wayne Dwyer, but did not know it until after the fact, I thought he was the psychiatrist from the Oprah show and jumped in to help him find the registration office. We had a nice chat during the walk.   I figured out he wasn’t the psychiatrist from Oprah, but didn’t know who he really was until he gave his little talk at the event.   No Oprah sighting, however, I did see a blacked out SUV with the Oprah logo on it on the highway. 

Elizabethe, I took the white pillow, in one of your pillow tote bags,  into the room where John of God was seated.  There was no direct light in the room, only what had diffused over the room dividers from the entrance/ exit doors. The light in the area was very subdued. As I turned into the room shafts of white light came streaming out of the tote bag and shone like a disco ball on the walls, ceiling, all around.   I immediately shut the bag because I was so shocked and I thought it was going to disrupt the whole room. But no one else seemed to notice.  I was asked to sit with a group of people in front of John of God and was suppose to be meditating with my eyes closed, but I kept peeking at the pillow.  At one point I looked around to see if anyone else was reacting to the light and I saw John of God staring at me, he smiled and nodded.  I had a mental image of the other pillows in my room and saw that they were lit up too and John of God nodded again.    

Those are some of the high lights of what happened, all in all it was a great experience.

Mary Lou

You never cease to amaze me, my dear friend.  You are the greatest of inspiration to all those whose lives you touch.  I am so proud to know you!  You’re a gem!  Keep doing what you’re doing because you are making such a difference in the world.  Congratulations on all of your success which has been borne from dreams, hard work and love.  Miss you!   Big hug, Cindy xo

Dear Elizabethe

Wonderful meeting you today.    I wish you much love and joy.    Here is something for you

 The Eyes of My Sister

 Beautiful eyes looking at me Within a picture still My heart so heavy loving her She knows I always will

 With no warning she was gone Without a last goodbye Silently I weep alone But promise I will try

 To make a difference in this world My challenges await Devoting every ounce of strength No others share her fate

 My sister is a part of me She walks right by my side I know she’s never far away And with her I’ll survive

Dear Elizabethe,

Thank you for your message!  It’s so lovely that you are honoring your sister in this way.  Cora would be delighted to share this link on both of her Facebook pages and Twitter (around 10,000 people are connected to these accounts) as a way of helping you spread the word.

All my best,


Anna Guest-Jelley

Yogi Extraordinaire | Cora Wen

Elizabethe dear! Hello and Sat Nam all the way from Stockholm, Sweden where I am presently doing some teacher training…and then on to Madrid. I love my pillow but alas, it is too heavy to travel with and so it is awaiting me at home. I return home in April for a couple of weeks and will try and remember to honor your wish! However, if  I am sitting on the pillow how will it be seen in the picture….hmmm….unfortunately I do have a big butt! Let me see what I can do…Ha ha! Lovingly, Gurudass Kaur

Oh so good – aren’t Mary Lou and Cathy lovely – just like you – keep up the good work girl!!!

Love & Thanks Lynn  PS  A client came in this week and I gave her the pillow for her neck – as she sat there (she does Reiki and is aware of energy) – she said hey, there’s energy coming from this pillow going down my arm and shoulder where it is sore – it’s helping – so there you go!!!!

I forgot to tell you that I understand about your feelings on losing your sister. When my younger sister died a few years ago – she was 75 and I was 80 at the time – part of my heart stopped. Its called Broken Heart Syndrome or Takatsuto Cardiomyopathy and I ended up in the Cardiac Intensive Care of St. Mike’s for a week. Happily a heart is a muscle and it righted itself in 3 months. I miss her every day so I do understand. She was lucky to have you and you were lucky to have her.

Dear One in Divine,

Sat Nam and God bless you always.  In Creator’s Heart we all shall dwell together forever. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I brought your cushion all the way to New Mexico for my Sacred Sadhanas here.  Thank you so much for your presence.

My testimonial for you:  I have two cushions in two different places.  I use one for my meditation, and one underneath my head to sleep on.  I love to sit and sleep on these wonderful, beautiful cushions that are really helping people, and that are handmade with so much Love and Mission.

May God and Guru always guide, guard, protect, and bless you. I send you prayers for your greatest good fortune.

God Bless you in your work.  You get brighter and brighter!



Glorious Springtime Blessings and Love to you!

Your idea is brilliant.  To sit on the Mother’s pillow with her Blessings will help to bring Peace into the world. May you allow yourself to sit and listen to the Great Silence.Keep Up with your attitude of gratitude.  Keep serving.  Keep giving. Day by day, prayer by prayer, breath by breath, Creator is healing in Creator’s timing. Keep your heart pillows coming!  We are enjoying them so much, and they keep getting more beautiful.

God Bless your Soul!

You are Divine!

Love To You And Your Husband,


Hi Elizabethe,

Your story is very touching and very synchronistic for me right now. My husband had a heart attack about six weeks ago. He is recovering well, thank goodness, but our lives have been turned upside down. I am so sorry to hear about your sister. What a lovely way to honour her memory.

Thank you,


Hi Elizabethe –

the Jubilee girls love the cushion.  It has found a welcome home in Halifax.

My Halifax girl sent me this beautiful prayer-poem – enjoy.

“Sapentia” is Latin for Wisdom

O Sapentia

 I cannot think unless I have been thought,

Nor can I speak unless I have been spoken.

I cannot teach except as I am taught,

Or break the bread except as I am broken.

O Mind behind the mind through which I seek,

O Light within the light by which I see,

O Word beneath the words with which I speak,

O founding, unfound Wisdom, finding me,

O sounding Song whose depth is sounding me,

O Memory of time, reminding me,

My Ground of Being, always grounding me,

My Maker’s Bounding Line, defining me,

Come, hidden Wisdom, come with all you bring,

Come to me now, disguised as everything.

 –Malcolm Guite

As I lay getting massaged I “see” a little boy in red baseball outfit with a bat to my right ear calling mommy. I say to the massage therapist that there is a little boy beside me. She says it is my son or your son. I say neither. She says he is between worlds and we need to help him. My feeling is name is Robbie. We bless the boy and send him on his way, he blows me a kiss as he leaves. BUT it doesn’t stop there, to my left side I “see” 2 blond little girls age 6-7. all of a sudden I start crying as I realize there is a line of children and grownups waiting. They ask me to put my left hand out. As the procession of spirits come forth to me, they drop trinkets in my hand. red hearts,antique key, letters. As the line continues I realize that these are the victims of  Sandy Hook School.  I tell the massage therapist that I have sent an email to the mayor of Connecticut and talked to the secretary of Sandy Hook School. The victims are sending love and messages to me to be infused in the cushions that will be sent to the school. There is a letter from the teacher for her fiance, a big dark letter from the mom of the shooter. As everyone is finished I blew into my closed fist of trinkets and kiss my hand as I send all goodies to the cushions that I have stored in the garage.

When I came home I counted how many kids cushions I had put into the garage and it turned out to be 20! One for every person killed.

I felt overwhelmed but felt more focused on manifesting the cushions to go to schools and anywhere else they need to go

Sat Nam dear travelling soul mates to the Mother Land,

Thank you so much for dropping in this morning, Elizabethe, to drop the cushions and for taking time to have tea.  I got to know you a little before the travels and am most honoured that you are travelling with us.  Your stories were deeply touching and my eyes are still watering.  Paramdhan, I must tell you that Elizabethe asked me to go to her car to choose the cushions, she asked me to pick one for you.  She has hundreds by the way in her car.  And I was going through them saying your name as she went over to the other side of the car and shuffled a couple around.  I said, “That’s a nice one you are holding”.  She responded, “That is actually the one I had picked out for Paramdham”.  So I said, “That is the one”!  Wait till you see it.  It represents perfectly your royalty.  Just beautiful !  And for myself, I picked out a beautiful blue one with silver inserts (material from India).  Just when I got an inspiration at Winter Solstice that I should be working on my heart, I get offered a “heart cushion” and in blue, as I have been working on my communication and throat chakra for a very long time and still have a block to remove there.  Oh my God!  the course has started!  And your nickname, Elizabethe, is the Heart Lionesse, or Preet Lionesse as Preet is yourspiritual name meaning “Heart”.

Wahe Guru!




I have two cushions in two different places. I use one for my meditation, and one underneath my head to sleep on. I love to sit and sleep on these wonderful, beautiful cushions that are really helping people, and that are handmade with so much Love and Mission. May God and Guru always guide, guard, protect, and bless you. I send you prayers for your greatest good fortune. Lovingly, Gurmukh