Elizabethe Vick
Founder of CELove™

Elizabethe is the Founder of  CELove™. I have planted the CELove garden. It has been nurtured with love, compassion, heart, and kindness. I have watched it grow from a thought to a conscious company. I have been moved as to how CELove has inspired and supported your sacred journey. I am so blessed to have met so many wonderful beings on the CELove path. I have seen the value of what seva(giving) is through the charity work CELove does.
There is no regret, only gratitude…
There is no pain, only love…
I am so honored and humbled to all that have supported CELove



Jennifer De Feo
New Owner of CELove

Jenn was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario. From a young age, she knew she was different from others, a sensitive soul on a mission. While living in British Columbia Jennifer started her journey to self-discovery through yoga. She was very skeptical at first but very quickly realized this beautiful practice resonated so deeply she had to explore. In 2015 she completed her 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training and opened her own yoga studio, J Yoga on the Hamilton Mountain and has been teaching within her community, sharing this very special practice. She has recently become the new Owner of CELove, a healing based company that provides heart shaped meditation cushions and yoga/healing products for all. Jennifer feels truly blessed to have lived out her dreams and passions and continues to share with others near and far. You can learn more about J Yoga at

We have been so blessed to have had so many heart felt souls who have worked in our company. Some have come for a short time and others have been around for a while. Both have given their hearts and talents to CELove. We honour their presence, their knowledge and the growth they have given to this company. We would not be where we are, without our devoted staff past, present and future.

We are always looking to expand our tribe. They say “Your vibe attracts your tribe!” We love to elevate the vibration of this sacred space, we call Mother Earth. To connect with new partners. To bring awareness and go to places where we can touch and build more community. If you have that vibe, we want to have you in our tribe.

L– LOVE: creative people who think outside the box

O– OWN: own what you do, be a leader, and problem solver.

V– VALUE: don’t follow others, be yourself and shine.

E– ELEVATE: think of others and do the right thing. We want to leave this world a better place.


Please submit all applications through our email to:


Anny Fryeagle
Artist & Marketing Guru

Anny Fyreagle is the artist in residence at CELove. She has been creating art with symbolism since childhood and turned it into not only a lifelong passion but a career as a communications specialist. Anny has taken all forms of deep listening and communicating with life, energy, images, sound, language, movement, each other and become a Kairos Master. She connects into the moment of the creative spark, in the world of kronos, time, and shares it. For her it has become a zen moment or a spiritual practice or even just a little magical. Anny loves labyrinths and draws not only the ancient patterns but has become part of the renaissance of labyrinth designers tapping into the sacred geometry of labyrinths and blossoming them into new life. She sees her work with CELove as a gift that she truly enjoys giving to the drawing of these scared images that will bring meaning to people’s lives and raise awareness for charity alliances. You can see more of her art at