We have created a tshirt where the front  are words placed around your heart in a spiral and the back is a list of fill in the blanks.

The spiral is perhaps one of the oldest symbols of human spirituality known to man. Spirals are believed to represent movement through experiences in life. The Celts in particularly viewed this symbol as one of progressive development, growth and expansion as we make our journey towards the center and towards the light. At the spiral’s center is where we find spiritual balance and realize our deep connection to the eternal forces of nature and the universe.

Choose your words wisely as you write your intentions/affirmations on the back. Our words are a direct reflection of our deepest beliefs and convictions. They can have the power to move, enlighten and educate.Words can change over time; sometimes new ones replace the old ones as you continue on your journey to your soul.

This relaxed fit tshirt is made of 100% combined cotton (which makes it softer)


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