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CELove™ heart cushions continues to enjoy supporting many causes both at home and around the globe.

You give and we give back!!

There is an enormous list of individuals and charities who have received donated products that CELove has donated. Thank you to all for asking.

Here are success stories for the charities and causes that we supported and believed in:



CELove was created after the passing of her sister. Since her sister passed of a massive heart attack, it was only fitting that Heart and Stroke Canada be the 1st recipient for CELove’s generosity. Money was raised through fundraising and sales of the cushions.This money was accumulated until there was enough to purchase a heart defibrillator. These units can be life saving to someone in cardiac arrest. With the support of our clients, we raised enough to place 10 heart defibrillators in areas needed. Majority of units were placed in fire stations as each station had a different unit and different state of conditions and age. Now, each station is equipped with the same unit, making it easier to assist patients. Another unit was placed in a trailer park where hundreds of campers come each week to enjoy the surroundings. More often than none, there is an ambulance that comes into the park to help a patient. As the park is 20 minutes away from a hospital, it was imperative that a unit to be placed here to give the best case scenario for the patient. All the facility had to do was say yes, and a unit was placed. We are aware of one of the units being used for life saving within 2 days of being installed. Another unit was used on someone who was at home with their loved ones, so they were able to witness the effect of the aed unit. More than $35k has been raised to place this units in the community.



The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting occurred on December 14, 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut, where a 20-year-old fatally shot 20 children aged between 6 and 7 years old, as well as six adult staff members. As a mother and a recent grandmother, we cannot fathom such a tragedy. This happened to be the time in which CELove was manifesting products and the mini cushions were “born”. CELove donated  mini cushions(1 for each child killed) nursing cushions(for mothers who wanted to fill the void with another baby)pet cushions(for their buddy who wasn’t coming home) grande cushions(for adults who needed some peace).Shortly after sending the packages, CELove heard from the principal at the school. The packages had been received and the Grade 3/4 aged 7-9 are using them. She told me they love the designs, patterns and that the children use them everyday. They are kept in a sacred space where the kids can go to find some peace and stillness. Words cannot express the affirmation and purpose of what we are doing, is what we are suppose to be doing. A value of $1500 cannot fill the void of a loved one for product. My wish is that these products help with the healing and give some love and support to continue each day.


On a recent trip to India, I had the pleasure of going to the orphanage of Rishikesh. I saw first hand this children working together for a better community. Before I made my way over,with the help of one of the locals who drove me on the back of his motorcycle, I asked what do they need or want. It was suggested chocolate bars. The ones that are so readily available here in North America.So with a box full, I hugged each child and I gave them a sweet. I talked to the director and asked how else can I help.Upon my return, It was a no brainer that CELove would raise money for the children. From your support, $540 was donated to build a home for the children. It is truly with honour and gratitude that we live in a world where we have so much and that we have so much to give.

6As an animal lover and owner, it was a given to support this cause. My sister was a supporter and received her cats and dogs from this organization. After her passing, CELove donated financial support to help keep this organization running. Some of us have pets that we treat just as family. Buying Christmas presents,stockings. We can spend so much on them but for some surviving another day is their gift. That is why CELove donated $1500 for food, shelter and medical attention to those furry animals that might not of received it. My hope is that these animals will find a loving home. A home filled with love,laughter, just as we have with our pets.5