Thank you all who have supported CELove™! 
 some of the yogis who support CELOVE

Thank you for all your great support. love, Snatum Kaur Khalsa
Thank you for all your great support.                                                                              love,Snatum Kaur


“Dear Elizabeth, Finally the cushion has landed in our hands! I just go back to Germany and it has been waiting here for us for the last two weeks. It’s really very beautiful and I love the color and the fabric. Thank you so much!All the best to you, with love and blessings”-                      DEVA PRIMAL

“I am very moved by your story and congratulate you in your ability to transmute your painful experience into a thing of beauty.        Sincerely, Lead Buyer Kripalu Shop” — Sophia Marzan

It’s beautiful-SEANE CORN

“We did receive the cushion, thank you. Unfortunately, no picture has been taken to date as it is difficult to catch the moment of time that is right for that” — Caroline Myss

I love to sit and sleep on these wonderful, beautiful cushions that are really helping people, and that are handmade with so much Love and Mission. May God and Guru always guide, guard, protect, and bless you. I send you prayers for your greatest good fortune.               Lovingly, Gurmukh


I love the color!-COLLEEN YEE

“Dear Elizabethe: Our loved ones always send us gifts to continue life in good spirit. Your sister is protecting you and sending heartfelt love to you and your project. She is by your side. Best regards, Yoga + Adv. Coordinator” — Jennifer Wood